The price for parking has increased by 50% in one season, putting the cost to park a single automobile at a staggering $15. Tickets for seating are now part of some basackwarcks tiered price structure, touted as a simple solution to offer the discerning fan more options for a game. Thus far, the only thing it’s done is confuse people and siphon even more money from their bank accounts. I’m sure the McCourts have jacked up the already astronomical cost of hot dogs and beer, which will most likely be served to you by even dumber, slower and lower paid food service zombies than last year.

Oh, and did I mention that the Dodgers lost the first game of the season today? To the Milwaukee Brewers? 7-1. Yes, an opening day 7 to 1 loss to fucking Milwaukee.

But I can’t stay mad at you, baby. Even if the Dodgers come out stumbling, their owner is the biggest leach in southern California and I’ll be broke if I attend more than three games this season, I just can’t stay angry.

Baseball season is here. And somehow, strangely, all is right with the world.