Carbon Fiber Horse

In my short time wearing spandex on public roadways, I’ve come to the realization that most cyclists are pricks. Arrogant, aggressive, unfriendly pricks balancing on two wheels.

Cosmic Chrome Dome

I sympathize with those in the entertainment industry who are tasked to transform comics or fantasy literature into the cinematic medium.

Lohan Inspired Fun

My coworker Shep and I got on the topic of Lindsay Lohan’s DUI arrest and her utterly ruined, vacuous life this afternoon. We touched on her blood alcohol concentration and then continued off on a tangent relating to what BAC level would kill you or put your head over a toilet.

Early Adoption Pains

The iPhone’s touchscreen interface is revolutionary, sexy and smart, poised to change the mobile handset industry as we know it. That statement is of course hinged on the assumption that the touchscreen interface works.